Mini kspence

Miniatures of classic pieces of furniture brought to life with 3D colour printing.


Anonymous asked:

how's school and everything?


Ah, it’s going. Midterms really wore me out, even though I only actually had one test it felt like everything was due at once, there were a few sleepless nights. Every day I just have to focus on getting through it without getting behind, which on one hand is great- I don’t stress much about things I can’t change because I just don’t have time. But it can get to be exhausting.

On a positive note- I really am learning a lot, enjoying the new experiences and cementing new skills that I actually feel will be important in the long run. I’m having fun learning all of the new design programs being taught in studio especially.

I’ve made my schedule for next semester and it looks like I’ll only have class 3 days a week, so I’m going to start looking for an internship for the other 2- I need a professional internship instead of  thesis for my program. Most people do it over the summer but it’d be nice to get a head start.

Thanks for asking!

This year’s trip to the farm was a definite success!

The usual


Anonymous asked:

What's your usual makeup routine?


Spot conceal, a decent brow, mascara, a bold lip, and enough sweat on my bike ride in to wash it all away.

Love Ben’s white sheets.

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Not doing too well lately